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“In the 21st century, I think the heroes will be the people who will improve the quality of life, fight poverty and introduce more sustainability.

Bertrand Piccard

Every member of the Purpose on the Planet team works on a 100% volunteer basis with one simple mission: To provide other like-minded people, who want to do more, with practical and affordable means to have a global and local impact on the environmental and humanitarian issues of our age.

A Dual Impact on Climate Action & Global Inequality

”Philanthropy” is a word given to us by the Greeks from ages past. It translates best into “love of humanity,” and shows us that the altruistic desire to improve human welfare was evident from the earliest years in Greek society. For example, upon his death in 347 B.C., the famous philosopher Plato willed the proceeds of the family farm to the academy he had founded in prior years. His generous gift subsequently helped students and faculty to keep the academy running for over another 400 years! As the adjoining video affirms, goodness really can be timeless!

The ReWrite Our Story program enables you to choose the level of positive impact that you would like to create for people and planet in a very concrete and transparent manner. In short, every $20 donated will be used to:

  • Create 1 day of work and income for people in extreme poverty in Africa
  • Plant 45 mangrove trees at our designated site on the world’s fourth largest island, Madagascar
  • Remove around 1 metric ton of CO2 in a typical maturation period
  • Empower you to reduce your own future emissions and rethink Take-Make-Waste consumption choices through the 12 modules of our carbon-literacy certified series, “Sustainable Solutions”.

Also, if you choose to contribute $20 a month (or $240 a year), Purpose on the Planet will plant an additional 60 trees for you, so that can become Climate Positive as a result of planting a total of 600 mangroves and removing more CO2 from the air than the 2024 average US carbon footprint!

Just as the quote above calls for “21st Century Heroes”, we invite you to use a tax-deductible donation to join our community of “Next Generation Global Citizens” – everyday people who seek out practical ways to reduce poverty today, protect the planet tomorrow, and ensure prosperity for our current and future generations.

in 1 minute: how goodness really is timeless

You can transform lives at the same time as you are tackling climate change!

Since 1990, the poorest 50% of the world’s population (around 3 billion people) have only generated 7% of total global emissions. These countries are now also the ones that are most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change! The worst famine of the 21st century is already unfolding in Africa. For months, a climate-change-fueled drought of historic proportions and supply chain disruptions caused by the war in Ukraine have combined to cause severe food shortages.

When you become a ReWrite Our Story member, you may not think of yourself as a humanitarian, but you should! As well as being part of a 4-pronged climate action plan, your tax-deductible donation in support of our partnership with Eden Reforestation advances poverty alleviation and human well-being initiatives in Madagascar, which has the world’s third highest rate of extreme poverty (75% of the population live off less than $1.90 a day). 

The adjoining video will share more on the full range of benefits for human well-being that are created by the ReWrite Our Story program. To date, the Employ to Plant methodology used at planting projects on the island has already managed to provide:

56,692 people with access to high-quality food;
4,508 people with access to clean water;
8,064 people with access to healthcare;
14,734 people with access to education.

in 1 minute: See your impact on human lives

in 1 minute: see the benefits for our planet

Protecting life on land, in the soil and under water

A recent Living Planet report revealed that the number of wildlife populations around the world has shrunk by nearly 70% in just 50 years! While climate change increasingly threatens habitats and ecosystems, the decline in wildlife and wild places is mainly caused by human activities such as deforestation, farming, fishing, pollution, and construction of buildings and transport networks.

Biodiversity is fundamental to so many essential functions of everyday life, including oxygen production, drinking water filtration, soil fertility, plant pollination for crop production, coastal erosion protection, and much more! Also, a rich diversity of life facilitates medical discoveries, economic advances, and fresh responses to challenges such as climate change.

Every $20 donated to the ReWrite Our Story program will plant 45 mangroves on your behalf in Madagascar, so that you are immediately playing your part as an active advocate for environmental protection. The adjoining video will share more on the unique environmental conditions on the fourth largest island on earth, where 90% of the primary forests have been destroyed in recent years.

Mangroves store more carbon per unit area than any other ecosystem on Earth. Mangrove forests cover just 0.1 percent of the planet’s surface but store up to 10 times more carbon per hectare than terrestrial forests. This carbon-storing superpower makes mangroves a critical part of the solution to climate change. As well as sequestering and storing “blue” carbon, they also protect coastal communities from its harmful impacts, such as rising seas and flooding, and provide vital habitats for marine life.

Create meaningful change both globally and locally!

When you make a tax-deductible donation to become a ReWrite Our Story member, you instantly take on your part in creating meaningful change for equity and empowerment around the globe: For example, Eden has already provided 14,734 people with access to education. In addition, Eden employees have helped start 491 micro-enterprises—many of them conferring leadership positions on women!

Even better, at the same time that your donation is making a real difference in fighting poverty in Africa, it will also enable you to be a powerful catalyst for change at home. Our informative Sustainable Solutions monthly series provides a road-map for reducing future emissions from key carbon source areas, such as food, travel, energy and personal products. In addition, the segments which focus on the Circular Economy allow you to engage with the latest initiatives to transform our Take-Make-Waste consumption habits.

With all elements combined, as the adjoining video describes, you will be directly supporting 12 of the UN 2030 Global Goals adopted in 2015. From No Poverty and Zero Hunger to Responsible Consumption, Climate Action and Life on Land, these are designed to end poverty, ensure prosperity, and protect the planet for current and future generations.

Join other Next Generation Global Citizens, who are adopting a holistic approach at home and overseas to create a ripple effect of positive change to fight poverty today and climate change for tomorrow.

in 1 minute: start a ripple effect of change

Donate to an Environmental Charity to Protect Both People & Planet

Protect Nature & Preserve Lives Today
Make a tax-deductible donation monthly to plant an extra 60 trees

Impacts start at $10

Blue Carbon Climate
Positive Program
Make a tax-deductible donation and opt to be carbon negative this year

Only $20/month

Families Can Also
Be Climate 

Tax-deductible donations for
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privacy and SECURITY
Top 1% in Transparency

Our founders cover 100% of our general operating expenses with a very specific purpose: This means our donors confidently trust that 100% of every donation they make goes directly toward the environment and the positive humanitarian outcomes that our programs have been created to deliver.

The Platinum Seal of Transparency is a rating that puts Purpose on the Planet in the top 1% of charities nationally in terms of transparency and means that we have shared clear information with the public about our goals, strategies, capabilities, achievements and progress indicators.

Measurable Deliverables

Our programs are structured around measurable result requirements that are carefully implemented and reconfirmed for every donor dollar taken in. Likewise, all of our donors are updated on the collective, documented progress toward stated program goals via our annual Impact Report.

To better understand the challenges our program addresses, as well as the benefits delivered on the ground, donors can expect to receive continuous insights and tips into the tangible (and “do-able”) ways they can contribute to more effectively ensure a prosperous future.

Monthly Impact: Living wages for 40 families in extreme poverty to plant over 100,000 mangroves


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