People & Planet: A
Win-Win Solution

Fighting Poverty & Climate Change

In recognition of a dual impact on global inequality and climate action, our ReWrite Our Story initiative is now formally listed as a UN 2030 Acceleration Action. Every $20 donated to the program is used to:

RELIEVE POVERTY – Fund one full day of work and fair income for people living in extreme poverty
RESTORE NATURE – Plant 100 mangroves on your behalf at a vital reforestation project in Africa
REMOVE CARBON – Sequester around 1 ton of CO2 for you in a typical 12 months after time of planting
REDUCE EMISSIONS – Encourage low carbon lifestyle choices through our Sustainable Solutions series

Also, if you simply opt to donate $20 a month (or $240 a year), Purpose on the Planet will plant an additional 100 mangroves (for 1300 in total), so that you can become “Climate Positive”, as a result of removing in a year around 3% more CO2 from the air than the average US carbon footprint!

In all cases, you will be contributing to a 4-pronged climate change action plan that also works to impact 12 of the UN’s 2030 Global Goals, designed to “end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for current and future generations”. Join now or read on to learn more!

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
Margaret Mead

Lowest possible cost for  greatest positive impact for both people and planet

Purpose on the Planet is an approved 501(c)3 organization and one of a small number of non-profits where 100% of our team works on a volunteer basis. This means you can be confident your charitable contribution—100% of it—directly supports our mission. We focus our reforestation in Africa because of the same fundamental desire to maximize the human and climate action impact from our donations. As these videos show, the conditions at our project location in Madagascar enables us to multiply several-fold the social and environmental benefits of every dollar committed, so we can alleviate poverty at the same time we increase the volume of CO2 removed from the atmosphere.

The ReWrite Our Story program is now formally listed by the UN as an SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) Acceleration Action. Our global planting partner, Eden Reforestation Projects, is also recognized by the UN as one of its partnership programs and also has the GuideStar Platinum Seal, the highest level that can be awarded for operational accountability and transparency. Since 2005, Eden has pioneered a unique “Employ to Plant” methodology, which is the transformative component that ensures all of our contributions address global inequality by providing sustainable livelihoods for villagers living in extreme poverty.

Discover the Unique Employ-to-Plant Impact

start your own ripple effect of change!

Choose the Change You Create   

ReWrite Our Story provides an opportunity to participate in a holistic 4-part action strategy, that works to fight poverty today, protect the planet tomorrow, and transform land and lives forever at our dedicated reforestation location in Madagascar, the fourth largest island on earth. Every $20 donation that we receive is uneqivocally applied to accomplish 4 meaningful outcomes:

RELIEVE POVERTY – Fund a day of fair wage employment in a country with the world’s third highest rate of extreme poverty
RESTORE NATURE – Plant 100 mangroves as part of reforestation efforts on an island where 90% of forests have been destroyed
REMOVE CARBON – Sequester around 1 metric ton of carbon dioxide in a typical 12 months after time of planting
REDUCE EMISSIONS – Inform your future lifestyle choices through our Carbon-Literacy newsletter series, Sustainable Solutions 


Fight poverty by creating sustainable livelihoods for vulnerable communities in Africa through our unique “Employ to Plant” program


Draw upon the natural super-powers of mangroves, which sequester carbon at a rate 2-5 greater than a mature tropical forest.


Accelerate reforestation on an island that is being impacted by climate change and where 90% of primary forests have been destroyed


Receive the latest insights on a carbon-sensitive lifestyle and circular approaches through our monthly Sustainable Solutions newsletters

Become a champion for Climate Positive living and human well-being for just $20 a month

If you choose to contribute $20 a month (or $240 a year), Purpose on the Planet will plant an additional 100 trees for you, so that you can become Climate Positive as a result of planting 1300 trees and removing in a year around 3% more carbon from the air than the average US carbon footprint! In total, your donation provides a 4-pronged climate change impact as well as creating 13 days of work and fair income for people living in extreme poverty, so you will not only offset your own annual carbon footprint but also create a personal ripple effect of positive change in 4 areas vital to the welfare of current and future generations.

Climate Action & Sustainability

When you commit to a $20 a month or $240 a year,
Purpose on the Planet will plant an additional 100 trees on your behalf. In a typical 12 months after time of planting, a total of 1300 mangroves will reclaim around 15 metric tons of carbon dioxide. You will therefore receive a digital Climate Positive confirmation conveying your carbon negative status for the year, based on offsetting 3% more than the average US footprint of 14.5 metric tons (as calculated for 2022 by Statista).

At the same time that your donation is making this real difference removing existing carbon, it will also enable you to lower your own future emissions. Our informative Sustainable Solutions monthly series, which is made available to all of our Climate Positive donors, provides a personal road-map for creating a low-carbon lifestyle by reducing emissions from key carbon source areas, such as food, travel, energy and personal products.

Poverty & Food Insecurity

Aside from the carbon reduction benefits of planting trees at scale, your donations will also transform lives by providing livelihoods for those in extreme poverty in Africa—all through the breakthrough “Employ to Plant” philosophy. In fact, our standard Climate Positive membership creates 13 days of steady work and fair income for communities in Madagascar. This fourth largest island on earth has the third highest rate of extreme poverty globally and is now also enduring the world’s first climate induced famine.

Environmental & Wildlife Conservation

Coastal wetlands like mangroves offer a range of global and local benefits for the planet. Most notably, mangroves store more carbon per unit area than any other ecosystem on Earth and studies suggest that mangrove forests store up to 10 times more carbon per hectare than terrestrial forests.  This carbon-storing superpower makes mangroves a critical part of the solution to climate change. In addition to this exceptional level of carbon sequestration, mangroves also provide vital habitats for marine life, protect regions from hazards such as land erosion and storm surges, and offer cultural services for local communities through ecotourism and education.

Human Potential & Empowerment

Since 1990, the poorest 50% of the world’s population have only generated 7% of total global emissions. These countries are now also the ones that are most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, which creates a moral imperative for people in the developed world to help mitigate the worst impacts and support these threatened communities.

By supporting global reforestation, you will not only be taking action for social justice but also creating meaningful change for equity and empowerment around the world. For example, Employ to Plant programs have already provided 14,734 people with access to education. In addition, reforestation employees have helped start 491 micro-enterprises—many of them conferring leadership positions on women!Impact 12 of the Sustainable Development Goals

By-the-numbers transparency on how your donations are applied to fight poverty and combat climate change! 


funding to projects

Every dollar donated goes directly to fighting poverty, tackling climate change, and creating future prosperity for our world.

trees funded in 2023

Every year, with the support of our generous donors we are able to fund the planting of more than 100,000 mangroves.

years of employment

Through a unique “Employ to Plant” program, this will create at least 3 years of work and income to communities-in-need.


2030 UN global goals

ReWrite Our Story contributes to 70% of the Global Goals that are seen as critical to a prosperous, sustainable future for us all.



Every member of our dedicated team of educators and non-profit professionals works on a volunteer basis

to plant 100 trees

Every $20 will plant 100 trees,  create 1 day of fair wage employment and remove around 1 ton of CO2 in a year

to be climate positive

For $20 a month, you can remove 3% more carbon than the average footprint of a US citizen and be Climate Positive this year

Years of Operations

Our partner, Eden Projects, has been “Planting Trees and Saving Lives in our chosen location of Madagascar since 2005

Fight poverty today and protect the planet for us all tomorrow

One-Time or Monthly Donations
Give monthly & plant 100 extra trees

Impacts start at $10

Climate Positive
Plans for Individuals

Opt to be carbon negative this year

Only $20/month

Climate Positive
Plans for Families

For 2 or more family members

from $40/month

Low Cost - High Impact
Through the dedication of our volunteer team and diligent management of our expenses, we are proud to contain the annual overhead for all activities to below $25,000 a year.  This disciplined approach to all day-to-day operations serves as an unqualified assurance that we secure the strongest impact from every single dollar donated.  We project the breakdown of expenses in 2022 to be: office supplies, rent and utilities (45%); software licenses and IT licenses (25%); outsourced digital marketing services (30%) and; accounting and insurance requirements (20%).
How Donations Are Used
The first 80% of donations received are immediately allocated to the specific tree planting requirements and carbon removal commitments that we provide for each of our donor members.  The balance of 20% is attributed to our operating budget, which directly facilitates the supplemental range of services and educational activities associated with the ReWrite Our Story program, as well as liaison and documentation requirements for our donors and non-profit partners.

2023 Impact: Over 100,000 Trees & 3 Years of Living Wages for Families in Africa